My book is called Fire along the sky, by Sara Donati. I was attracted to this book because it is the fourth in a series called Into the wilderness. The picture on the cover intersts me and the big, gold, decorative lettering of the title caught my eye. I am 90 pages in and so farthe book is sad, interesting and detailed.

The three predececing books follow the lives of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner and their children and friends in 'Lake in the clouds' the mountains of Northern America and Canada in the time of the civil war. Elizabeth is a rich, intellegent and independant upper class English lady and when she falls in love with Nathaniel, a half Native American, half Scottish hunter, it sparks a huge deal of controversy as they fight for the right to their land, their inheritance and their love.

There are alot of main characters in the book, but the main ones are;
Elizabeth Middleton Bonner, a school teacher.
Nathniel Bonner, her husband, a hunter and trapper.
Their children (in order of age)
  1. Luke Scott Bonner (nathaniels son by an earlier alliance) a fur trader and general manager of the Carryck Holdings.
  2. Hannah Bonner, Nathaniels Daughter by his first wife. (also known as walks-ahead, by the Kahnyen'kehakan people or Bone-in-her-back by her husbands people, doctor.
  3. Hannahs twin brother (deceased hours after birth) Known only as Early-angel.
  4. The twins, Mathilde (lily) a painter.
  5. Robbie (deceased - miscarriage)
  6. Daniel, a warrior.
  7. Gabriel, newborn.
  8. There are also two other children who are mentioned slightly in the book, but it is too painful to conjure a memory of a name or gender because they were vrey early miscarriges for Elizabeth and Nathaniel.
Lady Jennet Huntar, a widow, distant cousin of the Bonners.
Simon Ballentyne, Lukes buisness partner and Lilys Fiance.
Runs-from-bears, Nathaniels brother, a Kahnyen'kehakan warrior.
Many-Doves, Mohawk medicine woman, Runs-from-bears wife.
Their children (in order of age)
  1. Blue-Jay, a warrior.
  2. Annie, married and living in Canada.
  3. Kateri (also called sparrows-song)
  4. Sawasis, newborn.
Richard Todd, Physician, Landowner, widower and Elizabeths ex-fiance.
Ethan Todd, his son and apprentice.
Curiosity Freeman, Freed slave and midwife, resident at 'lake in the clouds'.
Liam Kirby (called red-crow) Gun captain on board the USS ferret.
Jemima Southern, Mill house owner.

I expect alot of heart break and pain in this book, i know because in the blurb it says "The year is 1812 and Hannah Bonner has come home to the mountains she called home without her husband Strikes-the-sky and without her son - and with a story of horror and loss she cannot bear to tell ..."
As well as the fact that there has already been hints of problematic futures for other characters. For example, the winter making it hard for some of the elderly to battle things such as Scarlet fever and threatening to take their lives, Elizabeth has had had third miscarriage, hich is the fourth for Nataniel because his firs wife also had a miscarriage and died in child-bed (Hannas mum and twin brother). And we can see into an evil plot set up by Jemema Kuick to rob Lily of her Fiance Simon because of an old rivalry and his immense amount of money.

There are so many themes on the book Fire along the sky but the main ones would have to be;
  • Love.
  • Loss and grief.
  • Betrayal.
  • Hope.
  • Frienship.
  • War.