The Penalty by
1. What attracted you to this book?
The design of the cover attracted my eyes to it. The way the patterns on the mask are laid out, it also indicates that there is a lot of history behind it.
2.Who do you think the characters will be?
I have already started reading the book but if I was to see the book and judge it by the cover. I would recommend that the character would be very native. Belonging to a group or community,some kind of invasion to the lifestyle of the persona.
3.What may happen in the book?
There isn't a blurb, which makes the book mysterious and makes you want to know what happens. I think that in the book a tribe is invaded and taken somewhere that they have never seen or heard of. Leaving the people of the tribe or community feeling left out, in other words lack of belonging. Most likely has something to do with racism.
4.What themes do you think will be explored?
-Lack of belonging
Journal - First Reading
In the introduction it doesn't introduce the main character straight away. It introduces the lifestyle of the native indians, also explains their customs and beliefs in a exciting and interesting way, which draws the readers attention. Which makes them want to continue reading. Later in the second chapter introduces the persona of the book who goes by the name Rico, aged 14 and belongs to a tribe. He slowly explains how everything started and he leaves you feeling anxious to know what happens to them when the white people keep them prisioners.