Book: The night before the hunting
What attracted me to the book:
The novel is part of the tomorrow series which I enjoyed reading the other novels of it, John Marsden is a good author who is creative and imaginative with his stories. The way he has continued on with his series of novels has attracted me to want to continuously keep on readying on. The cover of the novel attracted me to it as it created an image of adventure and mystery.
Who I think the characters would be: Baised on a young family with teenage children who have a group of friends in which they are very close with. The main character may be a young boy who is involved with close family and friends.
Prediction of what may happen: Adventure based novel with characters seeking to either fight for their lifes or the lifes of others. Young group of friends continue on a journey that may lose some lifes and their friends. The colour of the book cover outlines that it's adventouros with the use of a dark green cover and draker shadered stick in the background. The heading is written in bold yellow and white, outlining that this book as a big phase to it. The blurb states that loss of others may occur quoting only if they can withstand another night.
Themes that may occur:
  • Loyalty/ trust, betrayel, suspense, friendship

Article: I choose to read an an article on terrorism, from the Sydney morning Helard. The article is called Terroism fear after 15 arrest. It's basically about in Bangkok 15 Pakistanis were arrested, charged for raising funds illegally in Yalla.
They claimed that they were raising money for Orphans and flood victims in Pakistan. One of them tried sending money to a suspect in Pakistan in which they were part of that terrorist group. They ended up getting caught through doing that.

By Bloomberg
This article warns us about the people out their and the fraud that may be occuring with charity funds. It was written in great detail using descriptive language to outline the issue of the story.