The novel that I'm reading is Romulus, My Father written by Raimond Gaita. My older brother suggested it, because it can be used as a source for the area of study belonging. He thoroughly enjoyed it and thought that I would as well. The book sounded interesting and like something that i would truely enjoy. I don't enjoy books with a slow start and my brother said that the story begins straight away, so I was confident to start reading.

The front cover appeals to me because the young boy and the man on the moterbike seem to share a special relationship. The boy is laughing running away from the man on the motorbike. I was curious to discover what their stories are. I think that these two characters will develop throught the novel with the help of each other. The pair on the cover may be father and son. They will go through many challenges. I ashume this because the front cover is a long shot, meaning that there is alot to happen in the future. The clothes that the characters are wearing seem old fashioned and this suggests the era of the novel is many years ago. The setting looks like a farm or counrty town. I think that the characters will have both good and bad learning adventures in this area.

I think that the book is about a relationship between a father and a son. This relationship would be filled with love and compassion, as well as death and judgement. The novel is inspired by love, therefore love will be the main theme.