I am currently reading the novel the power of one by Bryce Courtenay. It is a novel about inequality, strength, hope, determination, friendship, hardship and courage. It inspires the reader to find unique qualities within themselves and realise they are truly grateful for what they have. The cover of the book is a picture/painting of "Peekay". He is wearing boxing gloves and looks determined and capable of anything. Straight away the audience knows that the book is about defence and realising your inner strength.

Bryce Courtenay effectively captures the audience through descriptive language. Often the circumstances and instances that occur are brutal, harsh and considerably heartbreaking. The audience feels sorry for the protagonist and begins to feel sympathy towards him. They can imagine what he is going through and they can easily place themselves in the author’s shoes. The audience can easily relate to "Peekay" and they can empathise with him because of Courtney’s brilliance as an author. He is a well known author who has written many good books and has been very successful.

Peekay’s journey is changing all the time. He meets certain people along the way who teach him new things, help him or quite the opposite. As a young person I began to consider the true courage and bravery that this young kid had. He rarely cried from the mental, physical and emotional pain that he endured. Rather he was bold, outstanding and brave. He missed out on so much as a child and grew up rather quickly. The tasks that he had to perform were some that many adults would not have had to undergo. It is incomprehensible that this young child travelled alone through South Africa on a train and was expected to take care of possessions. He also went through the torment of boarding school which strengthened him as a person. They made him a stronger and more resilient person. He was bullied because of his background and in a cute, naive and childish way responded and thought about this. Many adults would have been crumbled and crushed by these events and circumstances. They would not have been able to cope and quite possibly had a mental breakdown. It is by these very events that the reader truly understands just how strong, determined, brave and courageous this little man is.

This is a novel for those who are considerate and care for others, are interested in true stories; enjoy a story were the underdog rises up and believe in hope for the future and social justice.