Im reading 'The dead of the night' which is the sequal for 'Tomorrow when the war began' by John Marsden. Im up to ch14 and at the moment Ellie, Lee, Homer, Fi and Robyn are out in Wirrawee looking for their friend Chris who dissapeared when they went on a hiking trip to find other civillisation. They just passed a house in which some of the invadors familys have settled in, a mix of emotions was present; jealousy, anger, fear and depression. They have now gone to a house which is empty to sleep for the day so the next night they can go out and look around.

The characters and plot are living up to my expectations and i am enjoying it thoroughly as it is engaging and exciting. The plot is very unexpected and unpredictable, which gives an edge of excitment.

I will try to keep this updated :) lol