OUR SUNSHINE by Robert Drewe

1. What attracted you to this book?
The book cover stood out to me as it was Heath Ledger. All it was, was the face of Heath Ledger surrounded by darkness. Before I got the book, I read the blurb and what other people had to say about it and these comments made me want to borrow the book as it was interesting.

2.Who do you think the characters will be?
The obvious characters of this book is Ned Kelly and his gang, the police, different authorities, general public, Ned Kelly's family.

3.What do you think might happen? Use the book cover and the blurb to justify your ideas.
Well, this seems like a fictitious story about Ned Kelly's life and how he was outlaw in society. The blurb makes it seem like that the book would be about murder, politics, corruption etc. This also contributed to the attraction factor of the book.

4.What themes do you think will be explored?
Maybe like murder, politics and corruption.

So, I just started reading this book after having it for ages and yeah it is really good. This is one of the books that I actually like. Right now it’s just introducing the characters and how society see’s them and the different types of perceptions that people have towards the Kelly gang. The book talks about the Massacre at Stringybark Creek and it’s showing the different view on what happened. The sophisticated language used in the descriptions makes me want to continue reading like what else is going on. The use of language in this book is really, extremely good. The way Drewe makes the sentences is so good and it just flows nicely and it all makes sense. The choice of words as well is brilliant. When he describes something that is happening or some kind of image, you can get the picture in your head by all the different types of descriptive words he uses. Just by reading the words it makes me want to keep on reading and like making more images in my head from his style. I really enjoy reading this book because it is so descriptive about everything and it also uses short sentences which really get me all the time. Pretty good book so far.