Book: The Ghost's Child - Sonya Hartnett

Before reading the book questions- 24.9.2010

What attracted you to this book?
This was a book i started reading last year, but gave up on in the first few chapters, so I have decide to give it another try and see how it goes.

Who do you think the characters are ?
Since i have already read this book, i know but lets say if i never read it before i would think its about not a Ghost but a spirt and a child.

What may happen in the book?
I think it may go through the story of a womens life and experiences.The cover of the book gives it away that its about a women and the red background gives an idea of passion which may occur in the story

Life experiences and Morals
Relationships- father mabey a man ?

Journal - First reading

We get introduced to an old lady named Matilda who gets visted by a little boy. They make simple discussion and the boy asks matilda strange questions like "why does your house smell like old people?" The boy asks about a picture of Matilda which brings us to learn about her life as a little girl, we learn that she doesnt have a strong connection with either of her parent. At the age of 16 she and her dad travel around the world so that Matilda can find the answer to the question her dad asked her "what is the worlds most beautiful thing?", which we later find out that Matilda is the worlds most beautiful thing (to her dad on her 18th birthday). from this day Matilda believes in her father who now have a close bond

This book seems much more intresting then it did the first time I read it and gave up. Im really enjoying reading this book as it gives great morals on the journy through life. I have found some of the words difficult as i have never come across. There are lines in the book which helps motavate me to continue reading and finding out about matildas life and how this has a connection with the title ? The Ghost's Child

Journal - Second reading

We tend to find out more about Matilda growing up in her walthy family and all the parties she goes to, but she doesnt enjoy them. This part off the book is dul and boring which is personlly turnin me off the book. Matilda is finding it hard to happy again like she did when her father and herself went travlling. Until one day she is walking on a beach who we know as Feather. She visits him everday and sometimes brings him food he tends to just sit on the beach with th birds? unusal. Untill one day feather propses toMatilda who is over the moon until her paents find out. This is when we find out that her mum is quite rude as she is against this feather guy as he is not wealthy, but Matilda convinces her dad to give im a chance as the most beatufuil thing in the world to her is being in love with feather. So Matildas mum and dad go to visit feather at the beach. thats where i stoped.

I started to give up on the book and started to read it just because I have to for DEAR. But when feather propeses and theres conflict between Matilda and her parents it gets more intresting, so it looks like I will continue to read :)