The book that i am currenlty reading is called ''Walking home with Marie-Claire'',

What attracted me the most about this novel is the cover.... its got a photo of two girls lying on the deck, staring out to the beautiful deep blue sea, with the sun caressing their faces.

The first two chapters is basically about a new girl called Marie-Claire who got accepted to Wellington street Primary. My first impression of Marie-Claire was wow she''s a strong bold girl, who likes to stand up for herself and speak up when she feels the need to. This attitiude of hers got the attention of class, and she soon became the topic of everyones conversation. Pauline is so far Marie-Claire's only friend. She admires Marie's confidence and self esteem.
This two characters soon become really close friends. Pauline learns how to love hersself more and be more confident,this is beacuse of Marie-Claire. Even though the two girls and not liked so much at school, no one can really ''mess'' with them and give them a bad time. They both bring out the best in eachother.

Marie-Claire has an older brother called Daniel, he becomes really close to Pauline and he to helps her become stronger and more confident. However teh relationship that is soon going to become between Pualine and Daniel has affecfted the relationship between his sister Marie-Claire and Pauline. Marie becomes to be jelous and feels ignored everytime Pauline is around her brother.

Later in the chapter pauline starts to get really populer and liked by her school mates. Not only has she developed alot of self confidence but she has become stuck up and not a very trustworthy person to be around. Marie-Claire starts to have arguments and conflicts with Pauline saying what has gotten to you and she threatens to break her up with her brother if she doesnt change. so far this is all the drama that is happening.
Mmy expectations were very different from what i expected. I thought it would romantic, heart warming and lots of friendships developing, however it is the complete opposite and it has become a typical teenge drama situation nevertheless i am enoying every minute of it :)